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Media & Meditations

The recordings and references offered here were selected to provide you with an opportunity to hear directly from Yvonne. In addition to the short talks about mindfulness, you can access a variety of meditations guided by Yvonne.

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In this short video (7 minutes), Yvonne provides an overview of what mindfulness is, how it works, and how it can support us during particularly challenging times. 


In collaboration with the Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC), Yvonne offers one to two minute segments on specific mindfulness topics. This podcast is posted every third Friday of the month. Yvonne’s segment occurs at the 30 minute point of each episode.

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UNR biz column: Being 'mindful' in stressful biz world

Co-authored by Yvonne Stedham and Bill Kuechler

Access here if you are not a RGJ subscriber. 


A Judge's Work --- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This article was featured in the 2016 Case In Point Publication. See page 22 for the full article. 

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Mindfulness, Trust, and Leader Effectiveness: A Conceptual Framework

In this conceptual research paper, the Theresa B. Skaar and I develop an integrative framework for the relationship between mindfulness and leader effectiveness. Mindfulness is suggested to affect leader effectiveness via its impact on leader characteristics and behaviors that enable trust based relationships between the leader and followers. 


Leadership and the COVID-19 Pandemic by Yvonne Stedham, PhD and Steven Mueller, M.A.

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We are excited to be invited to contribute this article to an edited book “The Social Science of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Call to Action for Researchers.” It will be published by Oxford University Press in 2022.  

Guided Meditations



Full Body Scan

Please feel free to listen to and share with others.

Full Body ScanYvonne Stedham
00:00 / 23:04


Choiceless Awareness

Please feel free to listen to and share with others.

Choiceless Awareness MeditationYvonne Stedham
00:00 / 16:23
Yvonne_Stedham-58 (1).jpg


Hatha Yoga

Please feel free to listen to and share with others.

Hatha YogaYvonne Stedham
00:00 / 35:21


Transitioning and Arriving

Please feel free to listen to and share with others.

9 Minute Transitioning and Arriving Practice
00:00 / 09:03
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